Welcome to Book Bubble Pro. We are the go-to book marketing service if you wish to increase the sales potential of your books. Backed by Creative1 Publishing, we are aware that book marketing can be difficult and expensive. It can also be time-consuming. It isn’t just about downloads but about creating a long-lasting impact and connecting with readers. Many authors forget about this when starting out. They quickly become despondent if sales are low but are unsure as to how to build their sales up. That’s why with the launch of this new and additional service, we are offering authors the chance to create their brand and to promote their books in a way that captures attention.

Set up by author/ editor Annette J Beveridge, this book marketing service is designed to resonate with readers. It is about bringing the author into the spotlight so that readers can get to know them. In many ways, peeling back the layers so that the person is revealed. What could be better?

If you want to increase book sales, you have to go the extra mile. Never underestimate this.  Potential readers need to take an interest in authors and their books so to buy them. They must be intrigued by your words. This way, they will keep coming back for more.  Interested? Click HERE for more information or email us: admin@bookbubblepro.com