Author Promotion

The whole book marketing process can be a minefield. You may have discovered this yourself. From the writing process to formatting your books, unfortunately, book marketing, and author promotion can be seen as just another added complication. Keeping your book in the public eye can be time-consuming to say the least. We can help. 

The world of publishing has changed dramatically over the years. Indie publishing provides a fantastic way for you to achieve your publishing dreams but it can take a lot of time and money to market books successfully.  

So how can we help?

We give you a platform on which to accelerate the marketing process. We help you to generate awareness for your books but we do even more for our authors. We help to build your brand giving enabling you a solid platform on which to take your book promotion endeavours.

Why is this important?

For effective author promotion, you must be visible. When you take this approach along with clever book marketing techniques, you boost your brand. People start to remember your name and will want to buy your books. We promote your book for you. Imagine how many people will see your book. 

Genius book promotion services

Book Your Author Book Bubble

We do not want your book to disappear with a multitude of other books and that is why we are limiting the Book Bubble service. Buy a book bubble and all the attention is on YOU. Get your own author book page – yes, a page dedicated just to you.

We promote the bubble in multiple ways without any additional cost to you.

Get your bubble for just £45. We guaranteed targeted promotion through Facebook, Twitter and through this website. The reach is massive and extends to an absolute minimum of 37,000 book lovers. We keep your bubble in place on a designated author page so that you can also promote your book to others. 

Note: You can use this service to assist with an existing promotion or, use it as a standalone service to give your book a boost. Please click on the buy now button below. 

Email: Please mark the subject line with Book Bubble Author Promotion. Let us know which date works best for you and we will ensure you get a targeted book promotion. 

Then, take a look at our Publishing Company for additional book promotion ideas and services.

We also have our amazing new Book Snippets book promotion service and yes, that’s FREE for you too. Take a look.